21 March 2011

Hallmarking time

I spent part of today getting a batch of stuff ready to go off to the Assay office for Hallmarking. As I live in London, my work gets the London hallmark. As well as the usual marks, it will get struck with my makers mark - CB.

I gave everything a rub over with the finest emery paper, no point polishing it all up as it can get a bit scuffed by the time it gets back to you. I had 32 items in all. You have to pay extra if they are individually packaged, so I followed a tip and rolled them in one piece of tissue, just hope that's OK as it is the first time I have done it that way.

There is quite a diverse lot of stuff going off, several heart pendants which I had cast up from a couple of originals I made (more on that later) plus some components for a range that I have been working on that was inspired by a recent trip up into the Arctic Circle. I'll add a post about that soon.

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