31 March 2011

A busy day polishing

... Just about managed to wash the rouge off my nose, after a busy morning with the polishing mops. How is it I always manage to get it all over my face? Still- I am in shared studio space on Thursdays, and it does give the others something to laugh about!

I polished up 10 of my heart pendants, as I have now opened my Etsy shop and have started to list items on there for sale, including these (more on that later). I was very pleased with some new cufflinks and collar stiffeners that I had done, that had lovely display hallmarks on. (I had to offer something for the boys!) And I also tumble polished some cast twigs and etched text pendants that are from my Arctic inspired range. The twigs looked very beautiful with some areas of high shine - they really reminded me of the real thing, which was a sparkly snow and ice covered birch.

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