12 November 2016

A secret engagement

A lovely man got in touch. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend and he was looking for a special engagement ring. When we got chatting about what kind of ring he was looking for, it became clear that he wasn't really too sure what he wanted.

He thought she might like emeralds. He thought she might like sapphires. She wasn't a big jewellery wearer, so he didn't have many clues. Rather than risk the wrong choice, we settled on a a very special proposal ring.

This beautiful and simple band is set with a sparking flush set diamond. The inside of the ring is engraved "Zoe Will you marry me?"

This ring seemed right for so many reasons. It gave the couple the joy of springing a surprise engagement. It gave them the possibility of designing a forever ring together. It meant Zoe would have an engagement ring that she truly loved. The other thing that seemed so right about this Zoe is a triathlete, and it meant that when she was competing, she could wear this ring,  rather than anything set with big gemstones as she ran, swam, and biked for miles.

I am happy to report that she said yes!

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