12 November 2016

Remodelling a sentimental price

Sometimes you have a piece of old jewellery, that is very special to you for sentimental reasons. You might wear it, or it might be languishing in a drawer, because it is not your taste. Rather than leave something unworn, you might want to reconsider having it remodelled, so it can be worn and enjoyed again.

The story of the remodelling of this ring is not a case of it being unloved in a drawer. It was loved, and it was worn. It belonged to the grandmother of a bride to be. 

The ring was really the only piece of jewellery that the bride to be wore. I suggested that we could use the sapphire from this ring to create a new ring. It meant that the special connection to her grandmother could be worn all the time, while fitting in perfectly with the more contemporary look that she wanted for her wedding and engagement ring.

When the sapphire was removed, I gave it a good clean, and it was a joy to see it looking so blue and so beautiful.

It was paired with two new sparkling white diamonds.

Setting the stones

To be worn and treasured afresh.

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