28 December 2013

My virtual Christmas Stocking

Having just loved picking all the thoughtful bits for my boy's Christmas stockings, and thrilled to watch their faces light up as they opened the perfect gifts that 'Santa' had left them, I was thinking about what I would put in my own Christmas stocking if I were to fill it. Come Christmas time, I think my own eyes would light up in wonder if my stocking were filled with...

Beautifully selected and stylishly packaged haberdashery from Merchant & Mills.

An ancient 'Frozen Charlotte' (Sorry, I don't know who's image this is, but will gladly credit). These little dolls were named after a story where 'young Charlotte' went on a sleigh ride, but refused to wear a coat which would cover her pretty party dress. She froze to death. These teeny china dolls are often dug up near German doll factories. As you can see from he pictures, they often have missing limbs.

Pretty Japanese paper Washi tape. I am seriously addicted, and not a parcel leaves this house with at least two types on. This little lot comes from Wonderland Room on Etsy (and no I haven't got this particular collection - I am fighting the addiction!)

A little bundle of fabrics for crafting. In fact I just bought a these really small scale print Tilda fabrics from Pretty Fabric and Trims on Etsy, as needle and tread are calling me.

Chocolate. Post recent new eating plan, this is my favourite, and apparently it's good for you too! 

A new wooden handled address stamp, but this one will have to wait. My divorce means there will be a new house in 2014, but I don't know yet where it will be be.

A photography course. I'm considering this one. (Image from Pinterest, will happily credit)

Some teeny pottery houses by  Julie Whitmore. These ones are beads, but I am dreaming of a little row to stand at eye level on my studio windowsill. I wonder Julie, if you are in the mood for a new commission?

Finally I would add a new duplicate book, (carbonless) as they are so useful, and sellotape sticky dots to use when gift wrapping my jewellery. 

Too much? Oh well, good job I'm only dreaming.



  1. Hope all your dreams come true. Jacqui xx

  2. I do love a Frozen Charlotte. Best wishes for 2014 Charlotte, I hope it's a good one. Jackie x

    1. I'm sure it will be better than 2013, and that's good enough for me!

  3. always up for making tiny houses.........and I understand the washi tape obsession. I've been thinking of making a klee like painting with bits of all mine? But must order more first))

    1. :-) I will have to drop you an e-mail then - how exciting! xxx