31 December 2013

Looking back and moving on.

Lots of us bloggers will be writing our end of year posts, looking back on the year, and the things that have happened. 2013 has been an incredibly tough year for me, so I considered avoiding looking back over it, but... Charlotte Bezzant Jewellery has gone from strength to strength, and sometimes it helps us to remind ourselves of the good bits. Apologies in advance, this is a bit of a long one!

A burglary and filing for divorce. The toughest of starts to the year, especially as I have two children.

A small furry joined the family, and unwanted little kitty from the local pet rescue centre. The boys gave him his full name of 'Bertie, black cat, le miowler Bezzant'. He is a great addition to our gang.

I had my first few shells cast. A lovely reminder of the previous Summer holiday every time I make something with these.

More small furry things in the house. One of my boys had always wanted chicks, so this year his dream came true. We added to our flock with Honey and Sweetie who lived in Oliver's bedroom for a bit. One happy lad.

A lovely sunny few days on Moondaisy, my parent's narrow boat.

A lovely Abigail Brown bird making workshop with of my best friends and my mum. Our finished birds.

The boys finished the academic year on a high, one awarded the Public Speaking Cup, and the other the History Prize. (#proudmummy)

...and I taught myself to crochet.

A few days on the boat again.

Happy holiday adventures in Dorset with my folks and my boys. the highlight was the seafood feast we made from Mackerel, shrimp, and cockles caught by the boys - although the cockles didn't take much catching!

Country Living deputy Editor visited the studio to interview me.

An illustrator in the studio to draw me for the Country Living article.

Took part in Festival of Crafts at Farnham Matings and loved it.

Took part in Sparkle and exhibited with the Teddington Artists for the first time. Busy making things for Christmas including some of my signature aquamarine rings. 

Really thrilled that some of my work was included in a gallery exhibition entitled 'Aurora'

Still busy making things for Christmas. Christmas Open Studio to tie in with the Country Living article in December's magazine.

Final orders posted and shops shut ready for a restorative break.

Writing this has made me realise how many good things happened this year. I am generally a cup half full, and count your blessings type person; but sometimes it has been hard to remember that the sun is always shining in the sky, even on the days when it is hidden by cloud.

I want to end this post with some thank yous. Firstly to my utterly amazing parents. I could not have held my head so high and kept going without your never ending support. You are both incredible, and I am very lucky.

To my boys (who won't actually read this) for being resilient in the toughest of times, and brightening my life with your good bits.

To my stockists, on line and bricks and mortar, who have sold my work, and in some cases been very supportive. Thank you.

To my friends, especially Allie and Claire. I am lucky to have chums like you. Nothing like a year like mine to make it really clear who your friends are.

To the new friends I have made along the way during my jewellery journey this past year or so, often on line - It's lovely to chat with you. Sometimes I feel like I am checking in at the office with my far flung colleagues.

..and to everyone else who has taken the time to look, comment, and sometimes purchase my work. A HUGE thank you to you all. You have given me a reason to keep going with it all, you have raised my self esteem on the low days, and you have given me lots of smiles during very tough times.

Here's to 2014!


  1. Hope you have a brilliant 2014 Charlotte! Enjoy reading your posts and seeing your lovely work. One day I will save enough for a beautiful aqua ring!!!

    1. I will make you a very special one one day then. :-)

  2. Yes, may 2014 be a wonderful year! XTania

    1. Thank you. You are proof that people do come out the other side of these tough times. X