7 December 2013

Baking day

Today I am happily multi tasking, decorating for Christmas, making jewellery, and baking.

One of these is in the oven. Hopefully it will rise as well as this one that I made.

Honey and Sweetie (named by the children!) have kindly provided the eggs.

I am baking because the Studio is open to the public tomorrow, the lovely folks at Country Living Magazine persuaded me to do this. I have no idea if anyone will turn up, but if they do, as well as little mince pies and mulled wine I am giving free to everyone, I just thought if people had come from a little farther away, tea and cake might be nice too. (and brownies, and banana loaf, and possibly carrot cake too?) 

If anyone does have tea and cake, then I am giving all the money to Refuge which is a charity for victims of Domestic Abuse. This year 1.2 million women and 750,000 children suffered domestic abuse. 

1 comment:

  1. Hope its a smash; just the smells should pull the people in from near and far!