5 April 2011

Work in progress

I just wanted to share this photo of three of my necklaces that I am working on, as I think they look so nice all together in this image. These necklaces came about after my trip to the Arctic Wilderness in Finland. The twigs were cast from one an ice and snow covered one that I picked there. Now they have been tumble polished, they shimmer and shine just like the real thing. Each necklace has an etched pendant on it- either 'the snow fell like dust and sparkled like glitter' (which it really did!) or 'the pale sunlight of the north rose above the wilderness'. Originally they were to have a third element on - either a   bit of map, a small photo, or some of the big lumpy Keisha pearls I sourced which look like snow- but I must admit I have been wearing one with just the twig and the pendant on, and I love it.

I have now posted one in the Etsy shop. You can click the link on the right hand side of the page if you want to look in closer detail or even buy it. I will put a second one on Etsy soon, but the third one is staying put - round my neck, and it reminds me of the most fantastic trip.

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