5 April 2011

It's a ring thing

Firstly, thanks for all the great comments from those of you who checked the Etsy shop and got back to me. It was lovely to get such nice feedback!

One of those who checked it was one of my oldest friends (and I don't mean that she is really old - just that I have known her since I was about 10 - and trust me that's a lot of years!) called Allie. Just before Christmas, she had rather an important birthday, and I made her this lovely ring which has a gorgeous Brazilian green amethyst in. The lucky thing was off in Thailand for her birthday and Christmas, and I still have not managed to catch up with her yet to give her this bespoke gift. So Allie - this is just so you can see how it looked when it was finished. Isn't she a beauty?

I must say, I really enjoy making rings, but really must stop making them for myself. I have a few gorgeous stones in stock, so if you are interested in one, (go on you know you are tempted) then please contact me for a price.

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