20 April 2011

First Etsy Sale today!

I am so excited as I have just made my first sale from the Etsy shop. I have sold one of my favorite bracelets which is the Silver Twig Bangle with 24ct gold rounds. It is a gorgeous piece, and in many ways I will be sad to see it go as everyone who has seen it loves it so much. It is made from a solid silver cast birch twig, and 2mm round silver wire. The gold was heated until it formed into balls, and was then hammered slightly to give it flat sides. The item was then tumble polished which has given it a beautiful lustre, as different parts of the twig have slightly different finishes. It was then stamped with my hallmark to give it a perfect finish.

I picked this twig from a snow covered birch in Northern Finland, and carefully transported it back to the  UK. I then sent it away to the jewellery quarter in Birmingham, where they carefully made a mould of it, and then cast it with solid sterling. As I think about it, I can see my frozen breath and recall the -30 temperature!

I love the fact that it's new home is back in the North. It has been bought by someone who lives in the most Northern city in Canada. She mailed me, and told me that they have sparkling snow much of the time, and also the gift of the Northern Lights. It couldn't be going to a more perfect home!

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