28 March 2015

New Cherry Blossom Bud jewellery

I haven't stopped wearing my cherry blossom bud necklace that I made for myself. I hung it on a really long 70cm chain. Although I can slip such a long chain over my head, I finished the chain with a catch and one of my teeny logo tags.

I am also wearing one of the rings made from a twig cast from my tree.

A longer set of buds worked beautifully as a bangle.

There are a couple more pieces to come, some hallmarking to do, and I will be getting this collection in  my Etsy shop soon.


  1. They are amazing and very pretty piece of jewellery.

    1. Thank you. They have so much meaning to me too. x

  2. Wow, these are spectacular. Did you really make them by hand? My homemade jewellery looks totally tacky in comparison. You will have to show me some of your tricks. I especially like the little blossoms with the buds. Where did you pick them up, they are so dainty and cute. I'd love to have one of these for myself!