6 January 2015

Homemade gifts are the best

I was lucky enough to receive lots of handmade loveliness at Christmas from my nearest and dearest. There were...

A pair of knitted boot cuffs made by my mum.

A paper cut made by my dad of some deer in the forest.

My big boy (11) had made a stencil of trees and etched the glass on a jam jar with etching paste. He twisted wire for the handle and put a little tea light inside.

My small boy (9) produced this tiny canvas of our little family. Mummy, Ollie and Jasper. A sunny day and snow covered mountains in the back ground.

It felt so lovely to know such though and effort had gone into my special gifts. 


  1. How beautiful, and how very lucky you are to receive such creative pieces.

  2. Beautiful gifts and I have to say the paper cut made by your Dad is outstanding as is that sweet little candle jar. Suzy x

  3. What a talented family you all are! And such lovely gifts, the best element with handmade things is love. You've clearly passed that on to your boys.

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