20 July 2013

Setting Stones

Oh my goodness what a busy day. I have set four large aquamarines, a big elongated oval moonstone, and eight of these little 4mm stones. 

I bought a selection of gems in gorgeous colours, thinking they could sit well together. Mostly I bought smooth round cabochon cut gems, but I also bought some rose cut faceted ones, which now I have set, I love.

Gems include: rainbow moonstone, green amethyst, prehnite, sky blue topaz, green and gold labradorite, milky aquamarine, blue / aqua labradorite, Swiss blue topaz.

These are work in progress, unfinished, in poor light - but I was genuinely excited by them today. It reminded me why I make jewellery. I got a real buzz, from beavering away in my studio, using nature's pretty stones, to make some very pretty jewellery. They mix and match beautifully, and I would wear them all if I had made them in a size that fitted me!

I'll post some more pictures when they are finished.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this one. I guess this is really cool. And I am looking forward to see its finished look.