13 July 2013

English Breakfast

Remember those silver plated egg cups I bought? With the help of an old linen tray cloth, they have had new life breathed into them as gorgeous little pincushions. I for one will not be using anything else now! They were joined by a little silver plated Christening cup, and a tiny candlestick - which works really well as you can stash pins quickly in the bottom as you take them out and start sewing.

This blog must be really rather confusing for people who have come here for contemporary Silver Jewellery... I seem to have gone off on a temporary tangent! xx


  1. It's looking good. But confused on why it is named as english breakfast?

  2. Because once upon a time, somebody would have had their boiled breakfast eggs in those silver plated egg cups, and used those napkins to dab away crumbs. x