8 November 2017

Polar Bears

This week is polar bear week. It coincides with their migration to Churchill, Manitoba, where they wait for Hudson Bay to freeze over, so they can return to hunting seals. I absolutely love polar bears, and seeing them in their natural environment is on my bucket list.

I made this brooch right back when I started my business. It’s still a favourite. I wanted to share the awesome work of some very talented makers who also use polar bears in their work.

First up it's Helen Noakes. You can find her work here.  She works in silver and resin. Some of her resin even glows in the dark, echoing the beautiful and ethereal Northern lights.

Next up is the work of Eileen Gatt. You can find her work here. Eileen carves her pieces in wax and them casts them in silver. I have one of her stunning polar bear necklaces.

Dinny Pocock is a fibre artist, and you can find her stunning work here. Most of it whizzes off to galleries, but you can contact here if you are interested in something. One of her polar bears is on my 'one day' wish list.

Charlotte x 

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