9 December 2014

Sunbury Antiques Fair

It must have been a chilly night for the traders at Sunbury Antiques Fair who park up about midnight for the early morning start. There was a thick frost here last night. It was the last Fair of the year, and as I have avoided it for ages, I decided to have a quick dash round after I dropped the kids at school.

As always, gorgeous haberdashery was calling me. (I resisted.) 
Look at the little striped reels of thread.

You could buy stacks of old books for a bit of instant styling.

If you had a vintage bauble, this was the day to sell it.

The place was rife with whiffs of mulled wine and I spotted lots of mince pies and chocolates. There was an abundance of mistletoe being sold, and people walking out with huge bunches. As I came away, I wished I had stayed a little longer to take a few more snaps. I could have done a lovely Christmas set.

In case you wondered, I came away with a galvanised two handle bucket, some teeny and ancient sports trophy cups to make in to pin cushions, a very small old Asian shrine (?), and my mum came away with an old sack to use for Secret Santa.

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