9 March 2014

Latest gemstones

London was basking in Spring sunshine today. Only it could have been mistaken for Summer sunshine. It was glorious and 17 degrees.

I had an appointment with my gem dealers. Before they went on their last two month buying spree to India, they had left me with 4 whole packets, and a tiny box of gems. A large assortment of aquamarines and the palest watery green amethysts. They left them with me on trust, for me to pay for what I used - gulp.

So, I have slowly been making rings from my stocks. All aquas so far, non of the green amethysts just yet, as the aquamarines are so popular and I only work at a certain speed.

Every single ring I have made I love. Somehow I am always selling them, and don't have one for myself yet. I must rectify that.

The trouble with this sort of deal, was today I had a hefty bill to pay. That's the downside, but the upside was that I loved having gems on hand for when I needed them, and also lots of options to show my customers.

You may remember, before Christmas, I made this huge beauty for a customer...

Well my gem dealing pals had bought a packet of treasure on their shopping spree with just me in mind. 

So now before I have started making, I owe them money all over again! I came away with these gorgeous aquamarines. How could I resist? Just look at the scale...

So if you want your own slice of 'water of the sea' heaven, please get in touch, as aquamarines like this are very hard to come by.

You won't find these in my online shops, please email me at twocharlies@blueyonder.co.uk (I really must get round to changing that address, since the other Charlie is walking his own path these days) or you can get in touch by my busy facebook page for Charlotte Bezzant Jewellery

I really, really enjoyed working with one of these aquamarines before, and I know I will feel just as happy working with these.

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