28 April 2013

April 'Family' necklaces

This month I have made three Family necklaces. They are often commissioned as Birthday gifts, sometimes with lots of members of a family clubbing together to buy them. I love doing them, as they are often made for special occasions - big birthdays, anniversaries, or sometimes to commemorate special things. Heres a little peep at the most recent ones...

This one has such a tiny group portrait in it, daddy and two children. Even though the photo is just under 1cm across, the details are so clear.

Lots of friends got together to commission this one for a 50th birthday. No humans on this one, just a much loved dog! (Extra long 60cm chain.)

Finally, someone gave a gift voucher to their friend for one of these necklaces. She took months deciding what to put on it. In the end this one has one photograph, and three tags which read 'live, laugh, love'. It is to commemorate her special friend who died far too young. It is always deeply moving when I am asked to make necklaces that are special reminders like this, but a lovely way to keep a lost one close. I have decided to show this one before the photograph was set in place.

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