2 February 2013

January blues

I am so very glad to see the back of January. It was not a good time for me.

February has arrived, and with it some blue sky, and a hint of Spring to come. I have a huge vase of sunny daffodils that my mum bought me, to brighten the place up.

This year especially, I need to immerse myself in Spring. Get on with waking up, unfurling myself to the sunshine, growing, and become strong.

Friday heralded the start of February, and I realised that I could no longer stay dormant like Winter.

I pulled out my gemstone supplies, and the aquamarines that have been bought over several occasions called to me. A handful of these I had bought with the intention of making something for me, but with all my work being stolen - I have nothing to show anyone, so I have decided to give these up and make them into some rings that I will sell. One day I will be able to get some to make something for myself.

So I started by measuring what size silver I would need to make their bezel cups. Here you can see the little strips of card that I use to fit round to get diameter and height.

I use the tiniest little mandril to make the silver round.

Here's the next stage. No soldering done yet, but all the silver curved to the shape of the stones. Aquamarine translates as 'water of the sea', and looking at the colours here, you can understand how this beautiful gemstone got it's name.

Today some more thinner silver arrived, so I can make the bottoms of these little cups. I haven't decided yet if they will sit on rings of a round or square profile, but I will know once I can see them all safely resting in the bezel cups.

It has been very hard to get going with my jewellery this year. New plans and excitement faded away after everything I had made was stolen, and after life took a sad twist that I didn't know it would take. It would be very easy to quit right now, but I am sure I would be filled with regret down the line...


  1. Charlotte, I am so sorry your jewels were stolen! A terrible thing. Maybe somehow they will find their way back to you. But excellent you are moving forward. Hope its smooth sailing from here on out,

    1. Thank you Julie. Hope You are well. It has reminded me to pop along to your blog to see what you are up to. xx

  2. The aquamarines look gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the finished rings! Good idea with the cardboard - will have to try it that way! x

    1. Now I am intrigued as to how you measure! Do tell! xx