9 January 2013

A sad day for Charlotte Bezzant Jewellery

So those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter will already know that I have had nearly every single piece of my jewellery stolen. After the last couple of years of pouring my heart and soul into my little business, all I have to show are five pieces which were left behind.

Someone out there took it all, probably in the hope they could sell it, but on reflection when they see that it is 'just silver' and rather distinctive, they have probably chucked the whole lot in the Thames. What a waste of hours and hours of work, endless thought, creative passion, skills learned, what a blow to everything I have been trying so hard to achieve, what a bad world.

Here are some photos of most of the 'haul' that the thief took away.

Luckily I have a mother who brought me up to believe they are 'only things', so that gives me the strength to remember that they can be replaced. It is a setback, but I will recover.

I remind myself, no one was hurt, and nothing was damaged. I keep my fingers crossed that they could be recovered, but in reality I doubt I will ever see them again.

So what now for 2013? I have to decide if I re-make missing stock, or if I move on to new ideas that I was just ready to burst forth with. My feeling now is that I move on to new things, and make these pieces to order, as and when required.

Sadly it means that it is unlikely I will be able to take part in Richmond's Open Studio event this year - I just will not have enough to show, and it does mean that I can't really approach new stockists which was the plan for this year. They will hardly take me on if I have nothing to show. Luckily I had no Spring shows booked, as there is no way I could re-make all the missing stock as well as keeping up with commissions etc.

My belief in Karma is strong. Things will fall into place eventually.

Wishing all my readers a happy and healthy 2013, so sorry you are finding me at this time. It is normally a much more jolly affair here!



  1. Oh dear that is sad. I promise you that in the unlikely event of the thief throwing them into the Thames I will find them for you.
    Much love!

    1. Oh yes, if anyone is scouring the Thames, it's you. Keep em peeled for me! x