20 January 2012


It was an emotional end to 2011, with a family bereavement, an apt funeral, a full on Christmas, and a New Year spent catching up with some old friends. I started 2012 somewhat drained, but a couple of weeks in feel I am on the mend.

After not touching my jewellery bench for a couple of weeks, it was lovely to be back in the studio with old friends, and to feel ready to get on with things again.

I worked on my Polar Bear piece which I hadn't been able to finish before Christmas, as I just was not satisfied with the look of it. Happily, the penny dropped and I decided it needed to be a brooch not a necklace. I have just the coat for it. I made a bezel for the moonstone 'moon', attached two little half jumps at the back, and attached two chains of different lengths and thicknesses. I had some minute faceted moonstone beads which I thought I would incorporate, but at the minute, I think these might be a bit much.

The bear was inspired by my love of the frozen North, ice and snow, and in my sketchbook was about stars and the constellation of Ursa Major - the great bear. It's amazing how ideas and designs change for me as I work on them. I am very happy with this but it has ended up quite different from my initial ideas.

The stone is not set yet, and the brooch and pin findings have just been ordered today, but I know it will be finished by this time next week, and I am so looking forward to wearing it.

...It's good to be back.

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